User Reviews

Tight solid bottom end. We all love it, we all strive for it. There is nothing more frustrating then doing a mix, taking it outside the studio and hearing mud. I’ve had this experience in large and small studios alike, but clearly in smaller studios like mine the situation is exacerbated. When I set forth to build my own room I designed and installed as much as bass trapping as I could. I trapped just about every possible spot, even using some fairly expensive commercial available traps, but even still, the result was inaccuracy in low frequencies. Enter Alex Otto and his subwoofer system, this was by far the best bang for the buck! Anything I tried to add to the room in the form of addition acoustic treatment only provided minimal and not really all that apparent results. When incorporating the strategically located and tuned subs, it was a night and day difference in translation to the outside world. It has allowed me to take quite a bit of the guess work out of my mixes.

–Jeff Thomas


The SRMS system has completely elevated my mix/recording room.  For years I struggled with the lack of bass response and often had to rely on headphones to hear what was going on below 60 Hz.  It was a real problem.  Alex and Steve came in and within minutes of assessing the situation a plan was put in place to do a combination of acoustic treatments and a 4 subwoofer plus DSP system.  The same room room that plagued me for over a decade is now a joy to work in.  It’s plus or minus 2 db from 300Hz down to 18Hz.  My confidence has grown from simply being able to hear what is actually happening with the music.  You can spend endless amounts of money on vintage pics and outboard gear, anreven great reference monitors but having a room properly tuned is worth more than all of those other elements combined.  I’m fortunate to have both and thrilled every day I walk into this room.  My first thought when they suggested 4 subwoofers was it might be a little bit over the top, but the sound is balanced and natural.  The subs don;’t feel separate from my Amphion One 18’s, now they feel like one big, beautiful stereo image thatch handle anything g I throw at it.  Highly recommended!

–Steve Oiumette


I’ve experienced SRMS’ system and tuning in 3 rooms ranging from bedrooms to bigger control rooms. All experiences were a dramatic improvement. Low-end balance is evenly maintained even outside the mix position and common low-end issues within a small environment are just gone! This is something I’ve never experienced in a “bedroom” setup. I feel SRMS improves any pre-existing monitors and acoustic treatments you already have. As well, I love the fact that you can take your investment with you if you move or change location.

Tony Nunes
Audio Engineer and Instructor at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences